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Top Japanese JLPT Practice Test N3 (Intermediate Level)
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JLPT Practice Test N3 (Intermediate Level)

In this course, you can solve past exam questions and prepare for JLPT N3 exam.

This course includes test questions from the last 10 exams, and you can try as many times as you want for 180 days.

JLPT N3 is intermediate level which requires understanding of Japanese used in everyday situations to certain extent.

The test consists of language knowledge (kanji, vocabulary, grammar), reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. The answer time is the same as in the actual exam.

After the test, you can check the score and the answers so that you can understand your weaknesses and use it for your learning.

In this course you can:

  • Get helped to improve your Japanese skills to intermediate level
  • Practically learn kanji, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension for JLPT N3 acquisition
  • Learn to understand and speak Japanese used in wide range situations such as daily life and business to certain extent.

This course is suitable for people as following:

  • Those whose native language is not Japanese
  • Those who is attending Japanese language school or majoring in Japanese at university
  • Those who have passed JLPT N4 or who have completed elementary Japanese learning
  • Those who want to take JLPT N3
  • Those who are going to study in Japan or work for Japanese companies

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Online Japanese language learning service provided by LOCOBEE Inc.
In addition to the JLPT test preparation courses, we also offer original content such as homonyms and similar words that you can learn in a short time, hints for learning Japanese, and phrases often used in life and tourism.
We will continue to work on producing content useful for international students and employees.

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